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We live in a world that receives technological advancement daily, and as humans, we love to get along with this situation. As a result of this many of us could not just estimate the amount we have spent in purchasing the latest iPhone and Samsung smartphones in the last few years. Sincerely, these electrical products could be our greatest companion but they cease to be the moment water spills on them or when they fall on the ground while performing our daily activities. Then what is the solution, or should we just stay out of work to protect our smartphones?

   No, staying out of work is a bad idea, but the solution will cost us a mint compared to the hundreds of dollars spent in purchasing these smartphones, all we need is a quality waterproof pouch or bag. Yes, some will like to argue that they are using a phone that possesses waterproof features, but a little drop of water in the right point can result in serious damage with time and what if you need to go on vacation around the beach or pool swimming.

   A waterproof phone bag is undoubtedly the best solution for protecting your smartphones against water accidents. However, getting a good one might be stressful if you don’t know the necessary features to consider and you can’t afford to risk your phone by using a product that is not of standard. Therefore, this article is to serve as your guide in making the best selection of a waterproof pouch that suits your smartphone amidst various bags produced by different manufacturers.

Below are the qualities of a good waterproof case:

  1. Waterproof IP ratings

The IP rating of a waterproof bag does well in informing us about the degree of resistance of each brand to dust, water, and intrusion effect of solid materials. The ratings which are usually stated on the product or gotten on the internet contain letters(IP) followed by two other digits. The IP is the acronym for Ingress Protection while the first digit and second digit indicates the resistance to dust and water respectively.

The first number ranges from 0-6 and the greater it is the higher the resistance to solid, and the same principle applies for the second which ranges from 0-8. However, don’t surprise when the first number is represented with a letter(X) and only the second digit is stated, this implies that only their defense to water has been tested for. On this note, you should compare the IP ratings of each brand to another before proceeding to buy.

Waterproof Phone Bag
  1. Protection

I am very sure that you won’t want to discover that the seal to your waterproof phone pouch which you put your smartphone fails after spending few minutes in the pool, and this is the point where the question of how protective is the waterproof bag you are about to purchase?

The protective feature of a waterproof bag can be determined by examining the lock and knowing the materials used in its production. The mechanism adopted for the lock system is usually lever and latches, but whichever you prefer must be the one that will last longer. Also, it would be nice to go for a brand that its lock is easy to use as some can cause harm to your hand when trying to detach or fasten the waterproof bag.

Amidst all materials used for making waterproof pouch the TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) fabric is the best, and this is because of its ability to keep the smartphones from scratches, dust, and sand.

Waterproof Phone Bag
  1. Applications

In selecting a waterproof pouch for your smartphone you need to put the interest of usage into consideration. For instance, a diver who does underwater swimming may need his smartphone to take pictures or videos, therefore such a person has to go for a bag that is made of materials that allow the diver to make use of its smartphone screen and camera features.

As for people who are new to swimming, you need a pouch that will stay afloat. So that you would be able to locate it if misplaced, or Incase the lanyard got off your neck while swimming, and there won’t be any need to go deeper into the pool to search for your smartphone.

Waterproof Phone Pouch
  1. Compatibility

Compatibility is another thing one must consider before getting a waterproof phone bag, the fact that a brand work so well for your friend does not mean it will do the same for your smartphone. The waterproof pouch is made in different sizes and so likewise is our smartphones, most of them fit perfectly with iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, iPhone 8 plus but only a few can contain iPhone XS Max.

And if you are the kind of person that loves to keep your credit cards, identity card, or little cash with you always, then it is advisable to go for a bag that gives extra room after occupying your smartphone.

Waterproof Phone Bag
Waterproof Phone Pouch
  1. Manufacturers Recommendation

There is manufacturers recommendation for each product, meaning that they all have limitations to what they can do. Some of them can go as far deep as 100 feet while some can only withstand half of that, but the deeper it goes into the water the lesser time it could offer protection. Therefore, you need to study the recommendations of different brands before going for the one that best serves your needs as some waterproof bags could also survive topwater swimming for 8 hours.

  1. Extras

This portion address another thing you stand to gain apart from the quality of the waterproof phone pouch. The first on the line is the price, some products even at low prices contain more adorable features than those of higher prices. Meanwhile, some are sold in 2 packs at a price of fewer than 15 dollars, a better option for couples.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

In conclusion:

Ensuring all these features are put in place is nothing compared to the services rendered by our smartphones, therefore let’s endeavor to do the needful in providing them the care they deserve.

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