A quality magnetic charging smartphone is all you need to replace those faulty cables you have gotten in the past. You will agree with me that it is so annoying to keep on buying charger cables on weekly basis, with some breaking in the middle within few weeks of usage, and some reduce efficiency after few hours of charging. Just like the common USB cable, the magnetic cables for smartphone components are wire, adapter port, and the USB port. But the difference between the two is that the magnetic cable has a magnetic piece that keys into the phone USB port permanently which maintains the longevity of the cable, unlike the other type that breaks due to regular insertion and detachment.

 Why must you get a magnetic charger cable?

  1. Longevity/Durability.

As we have stated earlier, the whole reason for the magnetic charging cable is to provide a long-lasting replacement for the non-magnetic cables. Apart from the fact that the USB port fits permanently to the smartphone, the cables are also made from high grades material which guarantees its anti-break quality. As we all know that quality materials don’t come cheap, therefore the cost of buying a magnetic cable is more than that of the ordinary USB cable.

  1. Prevent dust accumulation at the charging port.

Have you ever notice that dust settles around your phone charging port? This is unhygienic for the safety of your phone. But with the magnetic piece that fits perfectly to your charging port, there won’t be an opportunity for dust, and in turn, enables you to clean your smartphone with ease.

  1. Conveniency

The ease at which you can charge your phone anywhere is another reason to buy the magnetic cable. Because of its magnetivity, you can easily fix the cable to the magnetic piece attached to the phone even in the dark, or with one hand while driving.

  1. Fast charging

Magnetic charger cable complete charging in fewer hours, and also maintains its efficiency for a long time.

Magnetic Charger Cable
  1. Multipurpose

Some of the cables come with additional ports that can be used to charge headsets, iPhone, USB C. The cable also supports file transfer from your personal computer to your smartphone or vice-versa.

Magnetic Charger Cable
  1. Compatibility

For now, there is no issue of branding in magnetic cable production. Most magnetic cable out there is compatible to charge any USB support charging phone including iPhone, Samsung, Xiaome, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Blackberry to mention but few.

iPhone Magnetic Charger Cable
  1. Aesthetic

Magnetic cables are made in different attractive colors. You can easily select the one that blends with your phone case.

  1. Keeps battery life

The longevity of a smartphone battery depends on the charging components. The wall adapter must have a right voltage with the phone battery while the remaining job lies in the hand of the cable to discharge enough current to the battery. If less current is passed into the battery, it will take longer time to charge thus weakening the cells of the battery. Magnetic cables are made to deliver the exact current into your smartphone devices, therefore you have nothing to fear.


We are fond of using electronics to the extent that most of us cannot do without them in a day. However, as so important they are to us, it is so tricky to pick the best one in the market. For this reason, I have compiled a list of what to look for in a magnetic cable before making payment.

  1. Strength of the cord

The strength of the cord is the first thing to consider. You won’t want to buy a cable that will break inside under a few bending, twisting, and stretching. Checking for the strength of a cable does not take any systematic process but to feel the thickness of the cord with your hands.

iPhone Magnetic Charger
  1. Length of the cord

You can consider the length if you would like to use your phone while charging. And as you know that it is not easy to use a phone connected to a short cable, but it is much easier to use your phone while charging with a long cable.

iPhone Magnetic Charger
  1. The flexibility of the cord

The flexibility of the cable helps in usage. A flexible cord will enable you to charge your phone with ease.

  1. Led lighting

It is advisable to purchase a cable that has the led lighting feature. This is because you would be able to monitor the charging of your smartphone from a long distance. Besides, using a led lighting cable would let you know the source of the problem in case the led do not light upon charging.

  1. Materials

Magnetic cables are made out of different materials with heavy-duty braids. The ones with high strength are made of Nylon, while those with high flexibility are from Aluminum mylar and some out of high magnetic materials. But whichever you go for will surely deliver the services expected.

iPhone Magnetic Charger
  1. Extras

If you are thinking of buying for a family of three at an affordable price, you can go for those that are sold in packs.

  1. Read the customer’s review

This is the advantage of buying your products online over buying in a shop. Customers reviews are accessible online and with it, you can know what other people, who have used the product are saying about the magnetic cable you are about to purchase.


A good magnetic cable is sufficient to give you a long-lasting solution compared to the ordinary USB cord, it guarantees safe and fast charging, conveniency, and produced the desired result if well taken care of, all at a cheap price that ranges between $2-$10. I hope you find this article helpful, we look forward to seeing you having a magnetic cable for your iPhone and Samsung devices and have a wonderful shopping experience in advance.

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