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Humans cannot be grateful enough for the conveniency brought upon them by science and technology. Technology has benefited all spheres of life by coming up with innovations that make life easier and enjoyable for all human beings. To take the aspect of ICT(Information and communication technology) in isolation, the continuous evolution of our phones from the days of land phones to the cellphone to mobile phones and now smartphones is an adventure on its own. And how much can we say about various devices invented to keep these smartphones from running out of energy, and available for our use at all times? It all began with solar chargers, power banks, but now the present world is enjoying the usage of a compact, small, and lightweight charging device called the wireless charger.

What is a wireless charger?

A wireless charger is a device that charges a smartphone without connecting a cable to the phone charging port. The device contains a coil that becomes magnetized on the introduction of an electric current into the system which in turn charges the phone by electromagnetic induction whenever the phone comes in contact with the receiving plate.

The device works with smartphones that possess wireless charging features such as iPhone 8, iPhone X series, and Samsung Galaxy series.

The wireless charger saves humans the stress of packing charging cables all around, and it is the best for business travel, or for whoever has lost the charger that comes with the smartphone. Although, everyone is eager to purchase a wireless charger, the question of how do I get a good fast wireless charger? Or how do I get a good Samsung wireless charger? Keeps flowing through the Internet. For this reason, this article is composed to help us figure out the key features to consider when searching for a quality wireless charger for your smartphone amidst the millions in the world.

  1. Choosing the correct standard.

Among all different standards in the world, the Qi(pronounced as Chee) standard is rated and certified to be the best. The Qi wireless charger is produced in different varieties and it is compatible with all Samsung and iPhone smartphones. This standard possesses both high voltage and protective features that guarantee fast and safe charging. The QI charger is affordable, ranging from $13 – $70 with each having its peculiar features. The charger’s ability to regulate your smartphone temperature while charging gave it an upper edge over its competitors, meanwhile, it is required of you to check your smartphone specifications before buying a wireless charger to measure their degree of compatibility.

Samsung wireless charger
  1. Which watts should you go for?

One of the factors that determine how much you enjoy your wireless charger is its wattage value. The wattage of wireless charger ranges from 5W-10W, therefore you can buy an 8W charger for your iPhone 8 and iPhone X series whose power ratings are 7.5W. As for Samsung Note 8 and Note 9 users, buying a 10W charger will serve you better. But overall, it is advisable to go for a higher power wattage charger for fast charging and future usage. Also, ensure that your wireless charger comes with a good USB cable and adaptor that can deliver enough current into the device.

Qi wireless charger
  1. Selecting the design.

The factor that gave a wireless charger it’s aesthetic feature is the design. All the wireless charger produced are either in the form of a circular pad that lays flat on your desk or an upright stand positioned in a slant angled form. The stand form is much preferred because it enables you to make use of your phone without having to interrupt the charging, unlike the pad form. But whichever you pick must have a firm surface that can hold the phone tight to the wireless charger.

Apart from the shape and size, those wireless chargers that cost above $50 sometimes have an extra port for charging extra smartphones, watches or Nintendo simultaneously.

Fast Wireless Charger
Qi wireless charger
  1. Choosing a brand.

Just as how we have different smartphone brands so likewise branding is setting into the production of the wireless charger, and sometimes we may get cut between the middle on which one to choose “ Google wireless charger or iPhone wireless charger”? The Google wireless charger also called the Pixel stand was manufactured to serve the Pixel users, while we are still expecting on iPhone to come up with its product as it had earlier announced about a couple of years ago that the company will be producing her Airpower technology wireless charging station. Samsung has gone a long way in producing varieties of Samsung wireless charger for her smartphone users.

The brand that produced a charger does not matter as long as it is a Qi standard. However, it is advisable to choose the same brand as that of your phone as all measures are put in place by the producer to ensure that the charger works perfectly for their brand smartphones.

Qi wireless charger
  1. Does the phone case affect the efficiency of a wireless charger?

It may and may not. Using a wireless charger for your smartphone does not mean you have to do away with your phone case. But you may need to change your phone case if it is very thick or metallic as phone cases of these types may hinder charging due to electromagnetic induction. To enhance better charging without disruption get a phone case that is made of leather, non-metallic materials, and silicon of thickness of 3mm or less. If otherwise, it would be stated in the guidelines section in the user manual.

iphone wireless charger
  1. Read customers’ reviews?

If you have set up your mind to buy a particular wireless charger, please endeavor to read customers’ reviews before making payment. And this is the reason I do advise people to purchase their products online because there, they can view comments run by customers who have used the product. By viewing these reviews you will be able to evaluate if the wireless charger offers the benefits promised by the producers and if it is compatible with your smartphone.

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